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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions in the order we typically receive them. If you don't see your question, or require more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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Q: What is ERP?
A: ERP signifies Enterprise Resource Planning, It is a software system which integrate internal and external management of information across an entire organization. It automates & Integrate businesses processes and focus on Effectiveness & Simplified Success.
Q: What is Parallel Campus?
A: Parallel Campus is education ERP solution. It is a comprehensive web-based Automation and Management Software which has been designed and tailored specially for educational institutes to assure smooth administration and management of various scholastic and non-scholastic activities.
Q: Does our information is secured in this software?
A: Yes, our cloud information security software helps to keep your databases secure. We are associated to software security partners that help organizations to ensure that server and database security is adequately maintained.
Q: What are the benefits of using parallel Campus Software?
A: Parallel Campus is one of advanced cloud based IT tools that can be implemented for Institutions or Universities to build strong capabilities, improve performance undertake better decision making and achieve a competitive advantage.
Q: What are the salient features of Parallel Campus?

Flexibility :

it can be highly customized according to the requirement of institution and the needs of users.

Web Based interface :

Parallel Campus provide web based interface to users so forget the boundaries of time and place to access their ports so decision making and monitoring can be done anytime anywhere throughout across the world.

Secure information :

Parallel Campus has a very high security features as data saved in the central server is equiped with firewall and ssl layers are enabled to keep the data safe, also it has optimized back up.

Transparency in transactions :

Now you can bring 100% transparency in your college procedures so get a high faith between stakeholders and parents.

Strategic decision making :

We call our product as the intelligent software because after certain time it understand the pattern of transactions, activities and help the decision makers for decision making.

Efficiency :

From attendance management to fee and wages calculations charging other finance managing student data, managing examination data become very tedious job which is done automatically in Parallel Campus. So man power used to manage the administration can be substantially decreased by implementing the system.

Managed information system :

Now just forget to send mails & SMS for individual administration personnel for circulars by our circular management module you can send circulars by single click to all your staff, parents, students and management personnel.

Reliable & cost efficient :

Parallel Campus is highly economic as it provides facility to schools/Colleges to pay according to the modules wise, and user wise.

Q: How easy is it to upgrade Parallel Campus?
A: Parallel Campus solution is latest state-of-the-art technologies, it caters to provide easy customization, and upgrade versions.
Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can send enquiry from "contact us page" Or to our Partners.
Q: Can you customize various modules?
A: Yes we are open to customize any module, but depend on the software edition plan that you subscribe, Moreover we provide white label customization also.
Q: How does Parallel Campus surpass its competitors?
A: Technologically we are ahead of our competitors and we are providing greater flexibility in terms of modules selection and Pricing. Being user friendly UI Interface and highly scalable, we can integrate new modules and with any existing legacy systems in the institution. It is very cost effective and eases the functioning of the Institute as an organization. It is built on the state of the art Web 4.0 platform.
Q: What if I face difficulty in using parallel campus after implementation?
A: Parallel Campus customer executives and support team is available 24 by 7 for any type of assistance. You can call/E-mail or chat with them. They work on Ticket basis. They also provide real time services by remote access to your server.
Q: Why do I need to automate my institution when it is running perfectly without it?
A: Along with High tech education systems, Parallel Campus software streamlines complete organizational processes,
  • Track Students, teachers on real time basis.
  • Reduces employment resource.
  • Manual tedious work can be reduced.
  • Reduce Conflict in scheduling.
  • Integrate all data at one place, eliminates the hassle of maintaining bulk files.
  • Improve reporting system.
Q: What if I have various campuses of Institute will I need to install the ERP in all my campuses?
A: Yes, Parallel Campus solution is available for multiple branches of institutions. You can very easily manage all the branches through single parallel campus license.
Q: What is SaaS?
A: SAAS - Software as a Service referred to as "On demand" Software
Q: What is difference between Perpetual License V/s On Demand?
A: In On demand License solution: Application is hosted in our secure cloud environment and completely manages by us. In case of perpetual license: Application is hosted on users own server environment and need to pay one time cost only.
Q: What is the technology used in your software?
A: Our software is built on top notch Microsoft Dot Net technology and Sql server. Mobile application is built on Android and iPhone platform.
Q: What if I require only few modules instead of the entire package?
A: Yes, It is possible.
Q: Is it possible to change the zip code of the country?
A: Yes,it is possible to change zip code as per city wise
Q: Can we rename the modules or sub-modules according to us?
A: Yes,it is possible through Configuration module-menu sub-module.
Q: How do we determine who has access to core modules/premium?
A: Parallel Campus software could be customized on role base so the Admin has access of all the modules through Access control by tick or un-tick the option.
Q: Can modules turn on/off?
A: User can subscribe for Core modules or Premium modules. In a particular module if user would like to On/Off few specific modules, they are liable with Super Admin permission i.e. Partner who generated the license.
Q: What are the premium modules?
A: Premium modules include MIS, Special Parallel Campus, Social Media, Placement modules, integrated mail exchange.
Q: How does the customizing service work?
A: The level of Customizing service work on basis of edition plan you subscribed from partner.
Q: Can additional modules be added?
A: Yes, User can request for additional module. Each module has additional charges.
Q: Can organizations have data imported from a previous system, database, or excel? How would that work?
A: Yes the organization can upload the previous data through Download Excel file then Import data in the software.
Q: What is white label program?
A: In this program the user or Partner can request to remove header and footer of Parallel Campus by the name of their own organization for lifetime by paying nominal amount.
Q: In white label program can the Platinum Partner distribute the free license of 250 users by the name of his own company's logo?
A: If the Platinum Partner is going for white label program then in case of free license distribution the partner can add his logo with Parallel Campus but cannot remove the logo and footer.
Q: Can Tally be integrated with the software?
A: Yes, it is possible.
Q: Why the prices of the software are according to the dollar?
A: Because our approach is on worldwide basis and according to that our standard transaction it will be based according to the US$.
Q: Can we use this software through biometric?
A: Yes, this software can be integrated through biometric.
Q: What is Campus Drive is all about?
A: Campus drive is that module where the admin or staff can upload all the documents e.g. E-notes, E-syllabus or any other important documents.
Q: Can parents submit the fees of their ward through online or will parents also get notification also about pending fee?
A: Yes this is possible as it can be done through payment gateway according to the requirement of end user.
Q: Can end user be a business partner of Physivert?
A: Yes, the end user can be the business partner of this software.
Q: How the Leave module will work if the school don't want to give the access to parents or students?
A: We will customize the things accordingly as this is completely depends upon the requirement of institution.