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What this plan Includes?
Your "OnDemand" subscription includes hosting on our cloud environment, Technical support, Automatic updates helpdesk, Automatic features updates, all the storage and bandwidth will be provided as per you need.
Optimum of helpdesk experience
We will assure complete maintenance and security of the network, with distributed backups and 24/7 multi-point technical support monitoring. You're backed by our best of helpdesk experience. We will automatically and seamlessly update your application to the latest and greatest.
Customize software features
Customer can avail free updates in parallel campus software. This includes all minor and major updates. You will be automatically notified of new updates and all updates will be free of charge till your subscription period, later onwards it will be charged per module wise.
Technical Support and Maintenance
We will take full control over your helpdesk's look and feel, and access rich helpdesk support to interact with your data and connect other applications to the helpdesk. Software maintenance would be taken care of from our end regularly.
Fee and Payment terms
All payment must be made in advance. After submission of the Order Form, All payment shall be made in INR. You shall be responsible for paying all local, state and international sales, value added, excise and other taxes and duties payable in connection with this on demand Agreement, other than taxes based upon Parallel Campus net pricing.
Who is Parallel Campus User?
Every individual in your organization who has login account in parallel campus and uses the services is User. User is entitled to use all the services given by the permission of administration.

Discount Terms

User can subscribe the on Demand plan on basis of monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.Longer the subscription plan, more the discount.

Quarterly Plan:

10% discount on quarterly subscription plan. You need to renew your plan four times in a year.

Half-Yearly Plan:

15% discount on half-yearly subscription plan, you need to renew plan twice in a year.

Year Plan:

20% discount on yearly subscription plan, you need to renew the plan only once in year. This is the most discounted and beneficial plan in terms of pricing.

Transfer plan
User can switch or change subscription plan to upper level as per requirement, this program is beneficial for organization's focusing on growth. User can any time request to change the subscription plan and hosting as per the requirement.