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What Perpetual license includes?
Your Download license includes your own perpetual license, i.e. Software is hosted in your server environment, Liable to customize the software and one year free of access to product updates and support, which is optionally renewable.
Total customization and control
Because the Application is hosted in your own IT environment and you have unlimited customization and control over your helpdesk. You can modify functionality and build applications on top of your helpdesk to suit your organization's requirements. Product Updates and Support includes As your license is perpetual, you can continue using your helpdesk without an active product updates and support till 1 year. Your subscription is optionally renewable at 30% of the license cost for next 12 months.
Upgrading licenses and to different products
At any point, it is possible to upgrade your subscription or even your product (from Professional Edition to Enterprise Edition) and you will only need to pay the difference. It is also possible to switch between our OnDemand and Perpetual License solutions, and we will assist you with the migration.
Who is User?
Every individual in your Institution who has account in parallel campus and uses the services is User. User is entitled to use all the services given by the permission of administration in parallel campus software solution.
Fee and Payment terms
All payment must be made in advance. After submission of the Order Form, All payment shall be made in INR. You shall be responsible for paying all local, state and international sales, value added, excise and other taxes and duties payable in connection with this on demand Agreement, other than taxes based upon Parallel Campus net pricing.

On Demand

In the Parallel Campus Cloud
Instant setup
Automatic updates
Monthly subscription


Your own IT environment
Download and install
Total customization
Pay once, perpetual license