Parallel Campus is built to enable each person in your institution to thrive. It unites education and technology. It has an unrelenting focus on helping people reach their full potential and fuel their innovation and imagination.

Parallel Campus simplifies school management ,helps to reduce manual works and generate complex reports effortlessly. Users are divided with different roles such as teachers, accounts, principal, administrator etc. Parallel campus provide simplicity of usage than complex features.

Each user can view only little functionality on the basis of rights given to them.

Courses and Batches

There are so many tasks that you are required to perform to start a new course or a batch. For instance to start a new course you have to manage the course duration, timings, fee structure batch wise and lots of other things.

Similarly, to start a new batch, you are required to record new data, assignment of subjects to staff and the students and other things.

The Courses & Batches module of “Parallel campus” helps you with all the functionalities while starting up a new batch or a course. This module is characterized to manage the master files for course, classes and the batch curriculum.


Parallel campus offers you to operate in your desirous way. You can easily modify the changes by using Settings Module of the parallel campus. It is flexible and adaptable across all academic organizations in the world.

You can upload your institution logo, address and other specification you want to display across the parallel campus.

Student Admission

Typical admission process is lengthy and complex, which includes various levels like enrollment, short listing, documentation, fee submission, subject allocation etc.

But with the help of Parallel campus Admission Module you can now operate Student’s Admission process with complete ease plus accuracy.

Student Information

Maintaining student information at a large level is definitely a big deal, until and unless you get versatile software like Parallel campus. Parallel campus solves out the problem of recording and maintains bulk information of students.

Now you can easily search students by enabling advanced filter options, create students’ reports, send SMS to students and parents and also search former students.

Human Resources

The HR Department of any organization plays a crucial role in building a successful and productive team. Keeping this point in consideration, Parallel campus has come up with Human Resource Module to automate HR department.

Automation reduces human efforts, time expense and errors.

Time Table

Generation of individual time-tables for different Classes/Branches as per Students wise and Staff wise. Room-wise Control the span of periods. Ability to add/delete/edit particular classes without changing other’s timetable.

Generation of time-tables for examinations, preferably allot rooms to selected classes. Can set preference of the periods for faculties, Can group or divide classes. It creates master-timetables for the Institute. Administrators can add/edit/view time table and schedul

News Management

Dispense awareness around with news management module of parallel campus. Now you can display all the campus updates to all the logged in users. Also, the inbuilt messaging system keeps the users connected with each other.

This helps in better flow of action across various departments as well as keeps parents updated about their ward’s performance and institutional happenings.

Student Attendance

The attendance Module is the fastest and easiest way of maintaining the attendance. The faculty member can upload the student’s attendance by uploading the present and absent list. There can be graphical representation of the attendance module for reference. This module helps in avoiding headcounts. System automatically calculates the attendance after submitting attendance from attendance module.

By this way attendance is accurately tracked. The database collected from this panel help finance department to gather financial data. The Attendance module can generate reports for either the entire class or for individual students and staff. Students and Staff may also see their own attendance record if the activity is not hidden

Finance & Payroll

The financial module is the core of Parallel campus software systems. It can gather financial data from various functional departments, and generates valuable financial reports such as general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet and quarterly financial statements.

It manages income and expenses, creates finance category, transaction report, fee submission, manages assets and liabilities, fund and donation and many more…

Student and Parent Login

Parallel campus Student & Parent Login Module creates a personalized space for students as well as Parents where they can manage their work effectively plus effortlessly and also stay connected with other users at Parallel campus.

Faculties are the indispensable part of any academic institution. Hence, it is necessary to take care of them by making their work effortless.

Parallel campus employee Login Module creates a personalized space for the employees where they can manage their work more effectively plus effortlessly.


The library is the knowledge store of a school and becomes even more effective in imparting knowledge if managed properly. Parallel Campus brings automation to library management in your school allowing the school to manage multiple library from single place.


Assignments play an important role at academics. It helps teachers to evaluate the performance of a student as well as helps a student to understand a topic effectively and solve out the issues and the problems with some particular topic or a subject efficiently.

The Assignment Module of Parallel campus helps teachers to evaluate student’s performance by giving assignments which students can do from their home.


The aim is to keep student/parents/staff up to date with institution internal information like timetable schedule, result/fees updates, Holidays or any unplanned announcements that to be distributed among all the users, or to send them notifications for important events.SMS (Short Message Service) offer an intriguing solution. SMS are delivered in a matter of seconds, and users are far more likely to receive SMS and read SMS, no matter their current locations and SMS are free for receiver.


Managing bulk registrations may become a hectic task if not handled well. But now, with the help of Parallel campus’s Registration module, operating registration process is such an easy task. You can enable auto-admissions, generate admit cards and offer students to enroll students through the institute’s website.

This module not only lowers the burden of this long process but also helps in cutting costs 

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