Parallel Campus Advantages


Parallel Campus simplifies school management ,helps to reduce manual works and generate complex reports effortlessly. Users are divided with different roles such as teachers, accounts, principal, administrator etc. Parallel campus provide simplicity of usage than complex features.

Easy to use

Parallel campus is designed with modern UI technology that makes it very easy to use without any prior instruction. User would like to work on this software without facing any trouble.

Multiple languages

Parallel campus offers Microsoft translator support. With the help of this, you can convert Parallel campus’s language to any language you want.


Easy customization

If any school or college have their requirements different from what parallel campus offers, no need to worry. It is always optimized for customization.


Import-Export Utility

Parallel Campus is degined with innovative import/exprt facility that makes very easy to import any data in to the system.


Any Work flow

Parallel is designed for Change Application Flow , modify caption of menu. PC is fully dynamic features which you can change as per your campus brand require.

Any School or College

Parallel campus can be used in any school or college It can also be used in any educational institute

Multiple Color theme

The aim is to keep multiple color theme is , every campus have there own brand and brand clor theme which they can use also in application. Every person have there favarourite color which they can use in PC portal too.

SAAS application

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. Parallel Campus is SAAS based application






Silent Features

Global Setting

One window to management whole Application.

No investment on hardware/software

Readymade SAAS application.

Intuitive easy user interface hiding complexity

Increased data integrity, validity and reliability.

New Generation Attendance Register

Reduce 30% cost on attendance devices.


Powerful API Structure

Can be integrated with any application & open for customization at all levels.

Innovative Business Intelligence

Dashboard for most updated information on finger tips all the time.

Parallel campus as mobile application

Most of features of parallel campus can be available on your mobile.


Transparent fee

No hidden fee with parallel campus.

Powerful internal messaging system

Parallel campus offers service to send message without any external e-mailing service for communication.


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