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15+ Countries

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We are Parallel Campus

Parallel Campus is the cloud campus automation platform powering hundred of Campus, teachers and parents.

"Our mission is to improve communication between all entity of educational ecosystem to reduce pressure, improve classroom attention, discipline and simplify and automate all aspects of operations for Campus. Parallel Campus provides a single centralized platform for managing your campus so that everyday tasks become quicker, easier, and more efficient."

Sam Panwar, CEO and Founder Parallel Campus

Our global presence

Parallel Campus has over 80K Students and a strong, global network of channel partnerships. In addition, by targeting various small and enterprise-level campus, reseller  and service providers, our install base has grown to include customers in more than 50 countries. Our industry-leading products continue to evolve in order to assist customers both nationwide and internationally, with products that support over 12 languages.

Helping businesses succeed since 2005

MXO2 began as a way for Web hosting companies to provide reliable, powerful and fully functional software that was simple for end users to understand and easy for server administrators to install. Using those principles — creating powerful software that is easy to use and even easier to manage — MXO2  has grown into a leading provider of  Cloud software for thousands of small to medium-sized Campus, enterprise organizations and  companies worldwide.

Why Parallel Campus ?

I loved learning, but hated education. Why? Because it wasn’t learning, it was memorizing. I was judged on my grades rather then my individual self. And the worst part was I felt like my education was out of my control. All I could do was follow “a system”. I was their ‘A’ student and how they could manufacture me was all that mattered.

Then I gained awareness and started to see beyond education. I realized that though I couldn’t control a system, I could control my reaction to the system. Instead of living in fear, I could respond with strength. I could choose to educate myself in what mattered to me. Though they could try to push me into their system, I didn’t have to be a member. Yes I could go through the system, but it didn’t have to affect me. I could choose to see it differently. Instead of “this sucks”, telling myself “what does this have to teach me?” And I’m not talking academics, but life lessons. Our greatest challenges are our greatest teachers. If you can perceive the world as a teacher, your life is in your hands.

See education is no longer defined in textbooks or classrooms. Our world is ever evolving beyond that and by choosing to only be educated by the system is failing yourself.

You can go far beyond education by gaining knowledge of yourself. Becoming a true expert in you. Because when you truly understand yourself, you can then be your best self. You’ll find what tips you need to operate at your optimum level. And not only that, but you’ll find your passion. This world needs more passionate people who believe in themselves. That’s what creates positive change.

This is not some rant to tell you to drop out of school or stop giving your best effort in the classroom. This is post is to encourage you to go beyond what the educational system defines you as.


Parallel Campus will help you to go beyond education…Sam Panwar, Founder 


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