Parallel Campus Pricing

Choice extends to pricing with Parallel Campus . Get monthly plans—with apps packaged for savings—or standalone applications. Opt for full or light use. And select the edition that meets the needs of your large or small business, now and down the road.



Options for one or many products

Plans—Packaged apps for campus whose people need to access multiple apps—and that want big savings

Applications—Individual apps for campus whose people need access to one Parallel Campus app

Choices for any type of user

Full use—For those whose work requires them to use much of the functionality in the applications

Light use—For those who consume information and complete small tasks in the apps

Editions for campus of any size

Enterprise edition—Plans and applications for campus with hundreds to thousands of users

Perfect enterprise software solution for any kind of educational institutions including schools, colleges & universities










What Makes Us Different ?

Advanced Implementation Tool

Innovative migration tools & Advance import export utility.l

No investment on hardware/software

Readymade SAAS application.

Intuitive easy user interface hiding complexity

Increased data integrity, validity and reliability.

New Generation Attendance Register

Reduce 30% cost on attendance devices.


Powerful API Structure

Can be integrated with any application & open for customization at all levels.

Innovative Business Intelligence

Dashboard for most updated information on finger tips all the time.

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